Zombies vs Unicorns

zombies vs unicorns
Ones got brains the other horns,
Zombies have Jackson,
Unicorns have magic,
Noah forgot the unicorns,
Which is really quite tragic,
But hey zombies are technically dead,
But they still need brains to be kept fed,
But they bite people so ill give them kreds,
And if you see a unicorn you should take meds
Speaking of unicorns they have beards,
Really, look on Wikipedia its seriously weird,
It also heals sicknesses which is cool,
You know they have an ugly sister,
Its called the mule,
Then again zombies think are brains are candy,
But then again unicorns are pretty chill,
So i cant choose but I’m on the brink,
So come on leave a comment what do you think.



They lies to us time and time again,
unstable rotting in their shells,
convince us that they will make amends,
but they will go to hell,
they have one job,
but there’s no way to do it right,
most you have failed,
all of you have lost sight,
sight of whats important,
sight of what we need,
sight of the democracy,
sight of how to lead,
if you knew the way,
what it is,
to be on the other side,
if you knew,
how you’ve made us suffer,
how you made our children cry,
how are we supposed to go on,
how are we supposed to try,
if YOU’VE lost sight of whats important,
OH your nothing but a tie.

poison study

Captured and poisoned,
although there was a choice,
uncertainties or sudden death,
my opinion was voiced.

A bath, a brush,
then poisoned some more,
drank my love
(passed out on the floor)

constantly miserable,
always avoiding death,
murder within me,
magic on my breath,

soul drenched in blood,
haunted by ghousts,
fear is within me,
while i taste the comanders toast,

i leave ixia to learn my magic,
what will hapen next,
with my luck it will be tragic,
only time will tell.

the manikins hair

I thought it was gonna be different,                                                                                                   I thought it wouldn’t change,                                                                                                             a naive little child, just trying,                                                                                                              just trying to find a range,                                                                                                                  don’t think i haven’t noticed,                                                                                                               i know you took it away,                                                                                                                      you lied to me i know it,                                                                                                                      you said Rome wasn’t built in a day

comic reality

the peace is clear in the paper sky,                                                                                                    war is blocked with cardboard cry,                                                                                                   the sympathetic puns worth no while,                                                                                               our worldly problems are in a neat little pile,                                                                                    i will tell you something you need to hear,                                                                                       in this world of hate and fear,                                                                                                              run and see and find your grace,                                                                                                        then leave this world without a trace.


The colour left me,                                                                                                                                left my soul,                                                                                                                                          all that was left was black cotton coal,                                                                                              shaky and colourless left in the dark,                                                                                                I had as much rhyme as a dogs rusty bark,                                                                                   deprived of reason I leapt away,                                                                                                           went into the world wearing only gray,                                                                                             I crept between the  shadows knowing that’s where I should be,                                                     taken away from happiness, away from whimsy                                                                              I had to go to pigment, solvent and binder                                                                                     to beg for colour to beg for kinder                                                                                                     they told me first I must go in to the world                                                                                   to show no colour, to twist and to twirl                                                                                                I did so, I showed my plain                                                                                                            I saw the others they looked just the same!                                                                                       before I had left binder gave me a gift                                                                                              the gift to feel normal even though in different


So I decided I will post one poem every week. Enjoy!

baking cookies

first we find the recipe,                                                                                                                  use just one and let the others be                                                                                                       hello cupboard here we come                                                                                                       get out the ingredients well soon be done                                                                                            first brown sugar freshly packed,                                                                                                     flour, sugar then comes fat,                                                                                                                 spread it all out in to a pan,                                                                                                               put in in to the oven til there slightly tan                                                                                           now we need to dring something as smooth as silk,                                                                        oh i know we´ll wash it down with milk!